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On Broadway Performing Arts Training Program (PATP) offers year round professional performing arts training programs infused with conservatory style thinking. With a strong focus on community, education, culture, and family, we are committed to offering high quality programs that focus on strength based practices in an engaging and rewarding way. We believe there is a place for any child who might want to explore theatre arts as an outlet or career in any one of our programs.

The quality of On Broadway PATP's programming is backed by the experience of our teachers and directors, who are current Broadway actors and other accomplished professional artists. We are committed to seeing our young performers succeed in life and we offer an array of mentoring opportunities to our older students/teaching assistants on a one to one basis. We hope to provide a sustainable, positive, and meaningful relationship with the youth we serve.

We offer Holiday Camp Days, a Spring Classic Intensive Program, an amazing Summer Theatre Arts Program, and a Winter Classic Intensive Program led by On Broadway PATP founder Rema Webb.

If you’re looking for something to do on a Saturday or need a place to go when school is closed, or want to have the summer of a lifetime, check out what we have to offer and hope to see you all year round. Keep checking the website for discounts and deals on our upcoming programs.

We look forward to the future of our youth.

Together we can make a difference, one jazz square at a time!

Give us a call: 347-927-2877

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424 W 110th St., #11K
New York, New York
Phone Number: 347-927-2877
Phone Number: 215 681 4500

The Classes are held at The Riverside Church

91 Claremont Ave.,
New York, NY 10027
Phone 347-927-2877

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The Classes are held at The Riverside Church

91 Claremont Ave.,

New York, NY 10027

Phone. 347-927-2877


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