Dream Connector Showcase - Meet Jasmine Holloway!


Jasmine will be one of six On Broadway PATP mentees performing at the Dream Connector Showcase at 54 Below on Monday, February 13. Learn more about Jasmine below and get your tickets to the show!


Tell us something about you!

My first time performing was not actually on stage but in front of the camera as a little kid on the television program, Sesame Street!

What's your favorite part about being on stage?

My favorite part about being on stage is the rush and surrender of being emotionally bare and the comfort of being accepted for those few minutes of bravery.

What does On Broadway PATP and the mentorship program mean to you?

It's a family and community of artists that I've come to love and be a part of for years that encourages kids to be their OWN version of their BEST selves. I've personally seen these kids from different walks of life grow not only as artists but as amazing human beings.

How do you feel about making your Feinstein's/54 Below debut?

I feel really anxious yet excited! This will be my first time actually stepping my foot inside the venue. A lot of my best memories of "firsts" when it comes to performing has always been through On Broadway PATP so I am honored to do this WITH them by my side.

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